I went here for diaper rash cream for my daughter. She had a horrible case of it and was so uncomfortable it broke my heart. I purchased some of diaper rash cream they make and when I tell you it’s a miracle! Within one day it had improved significantly and I had tried EVERYTHING. Will never use anything else . Customer service was also wonderful with the owner explaining each ingredient and why it was different/better from other creams. Highly recommend !

Christina G. on Google

These guys are saviors. Allergy season started and my Allergy doctor prescribed for Cromolyn 4% eye drops from CVS westford.

They ran out and all the neighboring pharmacies in Westford ran out of Cromolyn eye drops. Luckily, these guys had them in stock and I don’t have to suffer form Itchy eyes anymore.

Arunagiri P. on Google

I very rarely write evaluations, but Acton Pharmacy deserves the 5 stars. Their compouding department always goes above and beyond anything required to make sure that you have exactly what you need when you need it. I’ve been using them for years, and can’t say enough good things about them – competent, compassionate, efficient – you name it. Their tag line is “Individual Care, Exceptional Service” , and they personify both of those! I would, and do, recommend them to anyone, and how many pharmacies, or in fact any businesses, can you say that about? Kudos to them for consistent excellence.

Risa S. on Google

Always efficient. I never heard of compounded meds. They fixed it perfectly for me.

Brie D. on Google

First time getting a compound.they were very patient with me $ my insurance carrier.

Sherri S. on Google

Always has knowledgeable help with any question. That’s why customers like me are so loyal to it, despite the pressure of 3 CVS pharmacies within 5 miles of it. In my most recent example, I called my Dr. for advice about apparent conjunctivitis. The nurse had no advice and no openings and recommended going to an urgent-care center.

Since I had a prescription to pick up at Acton Pharmacy, anyway, while I was there I asked if they had any advice. The pharmacist then asked me some basic triage questions, and concluded that it didn’t seem to be an infection, just unusually bad incident of dry eye, and gave me care advice that turned out to be correct. Just 2 minutes of wise (free) help, avoiding a half-day sitting in an urgent care center, near coughing people, and catching the flu for my efforts!

Ronald N. on Google

Saad and the team at Acton Pharmacy are fantastic. They spent a bunch of time to help me obtain accurate blood pressure readings over a series of several days for the purposes of a physical assessment at no charge, and provided guidance around how to most accurately do at-home monitoring. It’s great to support a locally-owned business – my wife has moved all of her (and our dog’s) prescriptions here from one of the big-name chains, and Acton Pharmacy’s service and pricing is far superior.

Nick S. on Google

Always friendly service! Love my local pharmacy!

Glaucia M. on Google

Exceptional service. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and reliable. The pharmacists and their entire team are the very best.

Andrew G. on Google

We were very fortunate to be able to use Keyes Drug as the booster clinic for the residents in the building I manage. The residents are older adults and are justifiably concerned about contracting Covid19. the staff from Keyes was incredibly professional, organized and empathetic towards everyone. The clinic went smoothly and ran efficiently. The residents were so pleased by the outstanding service provided that they have requested Keyes be asked back for future vaccination clinics. Thank you to all the Keyes staff for accommodating our very frail residents and for making things so easy for our staff.

Cynthia K. on Google

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