So kind. Family owned. I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Support your local.businesses over chains!!

Renee B. on Google

They are outstanding. You can not meet a more helpful and nice guy than Saad. Kind, responsive, helpful. Really great. (Chicago 😉 )

Francis S. on Google

They are a compounding pharmacy and able to make up doses in any amount. AWESOME! This was perfect for me as I needed a very small dose of a drug that only came in larger sizes. I never knew this could be done but it was just what I needed! Luckily my doctor was also aware that this could be done and this pharmacy could do it.

Bill M. on Google

Keyes Is a wonderful drugstore with a fantastic staff. They take the time to listen, suggest and help. They will order products that are not in stock or make suggestions for other drugs that might work. It’s a great store with a nice selection! Unlike bigger stores, they are trustworthy with my prescriptions.

Review on Angie’s List

Great and efficient customer service, also very friendly

Flor M. on Google

Great local pharmacy. Goes the extra mile for service and professionalism.

Steven E. on Google

After some horrendous experiences with big box store pharmacies, I went looking for an independent, family owned pharmacy for prescriptions for my family, and found a gem in Keyes Drug. In addition to their service and competence, they stock many hard to find products, such as reparative hand lotions, surgical splints, etc.. We now go nowhere else, because Keyes is willing to go above and beyond in terms of answering questions, quickly getting medications, and even flavoring children’s meds.

Review on Angie’s List

I have been satisfied with him. Overall, I have had an absolutely outstanding experience with them.

Review on Angie’s List

This pharmacy is a breath of fresh air after dealing with the large chain pharmacies (CVS) for years. Both the counter staff and the pharmacists are knowledgeable and pleasant. More importantly, they are genuinely helpful and give you time and attention that is sorely lacking at the big chains. In several cases the pharmacists have taken the time to note medication changes, dosage changes, or just something that they thought was unusual… I was so grateful that I have switched EVERY ONE of my family’s prescriptions to Acton Pharmacy, even though I live 15 minutes away (and there is a CVS 3 minutes from my house). Thank you, Acton Pharmacy. You have a customer for life.

Matthew N. on Google

Personal service, community pharmacy. Always willing to help.

Self-verified Patient on Vitals.com

West Concord Pharmacy

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