Exceptional service. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and reliable. The pharmacists and their entire team are the very best.

Andrew G. on Google

We were very fortunate to be able to use Keyes Drug as the booster clinic for the residents in the building I manage. The residents are older adults and are justifiably concerned about contracting Covid19. the staff from Keyes was incredibly professional, organized and empathetic towards everyone. The clinic went smoothly and ran efficiently. The residents were so pleased by the outstanding service provided that they have requested Keyes be asked back for future vaccination clinics. Thank you to all the Keyes staff for accommodating our very frail residents and for making things so easy for our staff.

Cynthia K. on Google

Ray and his pharmacy team were incredible partners for us. We ran a COVID-19 booster clinic in the fall of 2021 and he successfully vaccinated over 600 older adults in independent living facilities across 5 campuses. His team was kind, efficient, and had experience with our population so it was a great experience for adults who attended. Thank you, Keyes Drug!

Julia C. on Google

2Life Brighton Campus serves 938 Seniors and during our covid process of keeping our diverse residents protected and safe, Keyes Pharmacy came in and provided our clinic. The staff and pharmacists were efficient, kind, patient, organized, and committed to educating our seniors on their need for vaccination and boosters. The ran the clinic with the most professional and responsible practices. Our staff were deeply grateful for their time, efforts, and commitment to our team and senior residents. Thank you Keyes Pharmacy

Denise H. of Google

My family and I are so appreciative to have this independent pharmacy in our neighborhood. The staff are always friendly and professional. They’ve been essential during the pandemic-especially providing flu and Covid vaccines.

Sloane G. on Google

We used Keyes pharmacy for our booster clinics and were met with great communication, timely work, kindness, and compassion towards the residents and staff. The staff at Keyes pharmacy made the process manageable and easy to work with – beginning with planning. They were flexible and accommodated the needs of residents with various needs.

Liz C. on Google

Fantastic service here! Such a friendly pharmacy. My boyfriend and I came here to get out booster shots. I had booked ahead but he hadn’t and they happily accepted him and worked amazingly and very timely always with a smile on there face. Very gentle with the shot and made us both feel at ease. Overall a fantastic pharmacy! I highly recommend! Would give higher than 5 stars if we could!

Lois W. on Google

In today’s would with zero phone customer, Keyes Drugs answers the phone and actually works for the business. Thank you for bringing business back to a time where you are # 1…

Mike F. on Google

So incredibly grateful to have my calls answered and issues addressed pretty much immediately. There are never any lines and everyone is friendly and accommodating.

Anna K. on Google

I think it is important, now , to reflect on the behavior and service of places such as pharmacies during the Pandemic’s worst days as well as during any of its days. Again, Acton Pharmacy did a wonderful job. Additional Senior times were set up so that the traffic in the store was for the greatest part restricted to the most vulnerable and those in need. The staff always wore masks and a simple – and non annoying, clear barrier- was put in place at the counter. Clear markers were everywhere for social distancing while waiting in line and the floor was vacuumed. Also an air filtration system was set up The first time I entered the site after its installation- unaware of its presence- I was surprised at how “not like an indoor environment” it felt. Bottom line: felt safe every time I was there while the service continued to be excellent . As someone who went there regularly, I am grateful for everything they did. Thank you. **** I have used Acton Pharmacy for years. AP is more than a pharmacy. It is my local pharmacy. I prefer it 1000 times more than mail order where orders get bollixed and distance works against easy resolution of any problems. They are first rate pharmacists. The service is always friendly and prompt. Everyone is always helpful. I leave with every question answered confident in the quality of the medicines I have received.

Terry L. on Google

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