In today’s would with zero phone customer, Keyes Drugs answers the phone and actually works for the business. Thank you for bringing business back to a time where you are # 1…

Mike F. on Google

So incredibly grateful to have my calls answered and issues addressed pretty much immediately. There are never any lines and everyone is friendly and accommodating.

Anna K. on Google

I think it is important, now , to reflect on the behavior and service of places such as pharmacies during the Pandemic’s worst days as well as during any of its days. Again, Acton Pharmacy did a wonderful job. Additional Senior times were set up so that the traffic in the store was for the greatest part restricted to the most vulnerable and those in need. The staff always wore masks and a simple – and non annoying, clear barrier- was put in place at the counter. Clear markers were everywhere for social distancing while waiting in line and the floor was vacuumed. Also an air filtration system was set up The first time I entered the site after its installation- unaware of its presence- I was surprised at how “not like an indoor environment” it felt. Bottom line: felt safe every time I was there while the service continued to be excellent . As someone who went there regularly, I am grateful for everything they did. Thank you. **** I have used Acton Pharmacy for years. AP is more than a pharmacy. It is my local pharmacy. I prefer it 1000 times more than mail order where orders get bollixed and distance works against easy resolution of any problems. They are first rate pharmacists. The service is always friendly and prompt. Everyone is always helpful. I leave with every question answered confident in the quality of the medicines I have received.

Terry L. on Google

The pharmacist cares about customers comments and respond properly. I really liked their attitude and explanation

Mohammad M. on Google

This was the 3rd place I tried for a flu shot. The 1st was booking appointments 5 days out, the 2nd gave me a confirmed appointment, but when I showed up they couldn’t give me the shot b/c they were still running behind from the day before (!). West Concord Pharmacy is doing walk-ins, and there was no wait when I went. Both people I dealt with were friendly, helpful, and polite, even when there was an issue entering my insurance (military Tricare–the stuff of nightmares). I assumed they were going to give up at one point, but the pharmacist actually got on the phone with the Tricare helpline (not for the faint of heart), got it straightened out, and got me vaccinated. This is my new pharmacy!

Meghan G. on Google

Called in to inquire about having a prescription filled and spoke to a very kind, patient woman who listened and helped answer my questions. This is my first time needing a specialty pharmacy and the previous location I spoke with treated me like I was a bother when I just needed some help. I’m glad to have found it here.

Katie B. on Google

I work in a doctor’s office and needed a medication for a patient that had recently been discontnued and was very hard to obtain. The chain pharmacys would not get this for us because they didn’t want to go through the hassle of figuring out how to bill for it. I talked to Saad and he was more than willing to figure it out and was able to get it within a day. Our patient was extremely grateful and we couldn’t be more appreciative! Thanks Saad!

Jennifer H. on Google

Great pharmacy, great service. They will always help with the recipe and make a discount. I like this pharmacy.

Geoff H. on Google

Nice staff willing to help customers overcome problems due to COVID. A caring neighborhood pharmacy. Definitely recommend.

William K. on Google

Over the years I have met various people in the store and found them all to be helpful, kind, and passionate about helping out. Their process of compounding is unique for this area. Their computer system is easy to use for refills and new prescriptions. They call my doctor as needed when my refills have expired. They do flu shots in-house and in private. their inventory is full, and prices seem reasonable. Mostly they are very friendly and explain all the prescriptions to me when I have questions.

Victor N. on Google

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