A medication packaging system for patients

Medicine on Time is a customized medication packaging system for patients

Medicine-On-Time™ is a customized medication packaging system prepared by Acton Pharmacy.

Each sealed pill cup contains all of the patient’s non-liquid oral medications, which are color-coded and separated by the time of day for administration. Each cup is labeled with the patient’s name, the type and dose of the medication, and the precise date and time to take the medication.

The easy-to-follow system keeps track of medications and helps to ensure patient safety and medication adherence. Individual pill cups can be formatted for either a weekly or monthly cycle.

A refill reminder alerts Acton Pharmacy pharmacists well in advance of running out.

medication labels
medication and personalized packaging

We recommend Medicine-On-Time™ for patients taking a multitude of medications or patients who have difficulty with medication adherence. Our pharmacists work with each patient to check for medication compatibility, appropriately space each dose and ensure that Medicine-On-Time™ meets patient-specific needs.

Better compliance = Better health

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