Fresh Start in 2022: Detox with Dr. Wendie Trubow

January 21, 2022 12 - 1pm
Venue: Zoom Meeting (Google map)
Cost: Free
RSVP: https://bit.ly/3FJqkXJ or call (978) 263-3901 ext:4

Dr. Wendie Trubow & Dr. Ed Levitan are the authors of the new book, Dirty Girl: Ditch the toxins, look great & feel amazing!

If you’ve suffered with the following issues, but found no answers, you MUST read this book!

*Joint pain  *Brain fog  *Lack of energy  *Low libido  *Weight gain  *Anxiety/Depression  *IBS  *Hair loss/dry, brittle nails

Dr. Wendie Trubow is open to answering any questions about fighting toxicity & and making changes in your daily life.

Dr. Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA is passionate about helping women optimize their health and lives as a functional medicine gynecologist. Through her struggles with mold and metal toxicity, Celiac disease, and other health issues, Trubow has developed a deep sense of compassion and expertise for what her patients are facing.

RSVP at https://bit.ly/3FJqkXJ

Dirty Girl: Ditch the Toxins, look great & feel amazing!