Pediatric Compounding Services

Pediatric compounding pharmacy services in Newton, MA and Acton, MA.

Dinno Health provides compounded medications to meet the individual needs of infants and children. We work collaboratively with providers and parents to compound medications with specific strengths, dosages and methods of administration for each individual patient.

Compounded medications for pediatric patients can be used for the following purposes:

  • Making available needed medications that are backordered or not commercially available through the marketplace.
  • Making medications more palatable through the introduction of various flavors like cherry, grape, orange and many others.
  • Taking a medicine only available in a pill or tablet form and converting it into a liquid, rectal or topical form.
  • Making medications without the ingredients to which some patients are allergic, or in strengths that are not commercially available.

Dinno Health specializes in compounding medications for the following conditions:


  • PPIs can be compounded into a liquid form, making it possible for infants and young children to take the medication.


  • Medications are compounded free of gluten, casein, dyes and other allergens.
  • Medications can be compounded for sleep disturbances, hyperactivity, metabolic disorders and depression.

Mitochondrial Disease

  • Medications are compounded free of gluten, casein and other allergens.
  • Mitochondrial “cocktails” contain vitamins, amino acids and coenzymes and are available in an emulsion or suspension, capsule or powder form.

Seizure Disorders

  • We work closely with pediatric neurologists and dieticians to formulate medications that are ketogenic friendly.


  • Medications for immunosuppression, cardiac disease, sickle cell and other needs may only be available in adult doses or tablets. We are able to make doses that would accommodate small patient weights and in liquid form.

A health care provider must prescribe a compounded medication. All compounding pharmacies – as is the case with all pharmacies – are required to operate under the governmental oversight of the state board of pharmacy, and in compliance with applicable regulatory bodies. 

Acton Pharmacy is accredited by

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