Hormone Restoration
Compounding Services

We work collaboratively with providers to compound medications to meet specific needs regarding strength, dosage and form, which enables patients to achieve hormonal balance. Working closely with providers, our pharmacists can provide individual consults for patients seeking hormone balancing. Our pharmacists take a comprehensive approach, and can formulate a medication that meets the specific needs of each individual, including allergies, diet restrictions, dosage form and route of administration based on a prescription.

Dinno Health specializes in compounded medications for the following medications/medical conditions:

  • Estrogens
  • Osteoporosis
  • Progesterone
  • Androgens
  • Obesity related to hormone imbalance
  • Thyroid Replacement

Thyroid hormone (T3 and/or T4) doses are customized based on the health care provider’s blood work analysis.

We compound oral, topical and other forms of medications, such as suppositories and troches.

Oral medications

  • We can make capsules that are dye free and gluten free.

Topical medications

  • We use bases that have been proven to aid in the absorption of topically applied medications.
  • We work with the patient’s need for an alternate base, if necessary due to an allergy issue.

A health care provider must prescribe a compounded medication. All compounding pharmacies – as is the case with all pharmacies – are required to operate under the governmental oversight of the state board of pharmacy, and in compliance with applicable regulatory bodies. 

Acton Pharmacy is accredited by

PersonalMed Compounding Certification cCert logo for certified pharmacy.PCAB Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation Badge

Keyes Drug is accredited by

PCAB Compounding Pharmacy Accreditation Badge

For hormone restoration compounding services, please contact our compounding pharmacies:

Acton Pharmacy: 978-263-3901

Keyes Drug:  617-244-2794

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