What is Electro-Hypersensitivity?

November 19, 2022

This is a recording of “What is Electro-Hypersensitivity?” a Zoom presentation held on October 12, 2022.

Below is an excerpt of a presentation given by Dr. Richard Chen, who discusses headaches, dizziness or cognitive defects when exposed to relatively low levels of electricity and general tinnitus. Learn about Electro-hypersensitivity, who it affects, how common it is and treatments and diagnoses.

Today I’ll be talking about natural hypersensitivity. I have a lot of patients who are more electro-hypersensitive and when I first learned about this topic, I thought I would never see anybody that’s electro-hypersensitive. Then, I was looking through my patients and I found that there was quite a few that I already had, so it wasn’t like I had to find any patients. They were already there. So what I’ll be doing is giving an overview of the electro-hypersensitivity and how I approach it. If anyone has questions, feel free to put things in the chat and I will address them.

I’m going to start with a case presentation of one of my recent patients who is electro-sensitive. I have a 21-year-old male who came in because he had issues with being tired. He just wasn’t doing really well and he wasn’t sure what was going on and so when talking about his history, I find out that during elementary school, he started having issues with nystagmus, which is a problem with the eyes. It happened when he was tired and they did testing and imaging that was pretty good.

Life during that time was pretty stressful for him because he was doing sports for several hours, a couple times a week, which is pretty physically stressful and there was a lot of difficult emotional life at the same time too. So I put the stress in capital because anytime people are under stress, things always get worse. I mean that’s always the case because when your body is stressed, things do not work as they should and so I mean it sort of makes sense to me that when he was tired, which is a form of stress, he was being pushed to limits.

The other issue is, his grandmother on his dad’s side was spreading rumors about him and his mom when he was seven and so he and his mom were isolated from the rest of family. So that was very difficult to lose you know half your family there and some of that I sort of emphasized the emotional part there because people who are electro-hypersensitive are usually emotionally sensitive. They’re sensitive to other people’s feelings and also it affects their feelings quite a bit too.

One of the students at age seven tore his knee ligament at school so then there was a legal ramification there. So the patient had to go do a legal deposition, and I don’t know if you have been involved with the law, but it’s not a fun thing. So at age seven he was involved in like legal issues for six months to a year, which probably did not help him emotionally as well too. I would say, there are certain characteristics of what people don’t really think about as illness, but I sort of see in terms of how they affect the body.

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About Dr. Richard Chen, Integrative Medical Practitioner & Board Certified Family Physician

Dr. Richard Chen is an integrative medical practitioner who has been passionate about finding why people are sick. He is a board certified family physician who has had additional training in functional medicine, genetics, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy. He has written a book called A New Way to Health which explains how he gets his patients who have been sick for a lifetime better, including those who are EMF sensitive.