Ronald N. on Google

July 22, 2023

Always has knowledgeable help with any question. That’s why customers like me are so loyal to it, despite the pressure of 3 CVS pharmacies within 5 miles of it. In my most recent example, I called my Dr. for advice about apparent conjunctivitis. The nurse had no advice and no openings and recommended going to an urgent-care center.

Since I had a prescription to pick up at Acton Pharmacy, anyway, while I was there I asked if they had any advice. The pharmacist then asked me some basic triage questions, and concluded that it didn’t seem to be an infection, just unusually bad incident of dry eye, and gave me care advice that turned out to be correct. Just 2 minutes of wise (free) help, avoiding a half-day sitting in an urgent care center, near coughing people, and catching the flu for my efforts!