Phoebe F. on Google

July 22, 2023

We’ve been using this old fashioned pharmacy for many years. The pharmacist truly cares for our health.

A. Sean F. on Google

July 22, 2023

Keyes is hands down the BEST pharmacy I have ever used. Recommend by my wife’s family ( they’ve been going to them for the past 30 years). I’ll never be able to go back to cvs or the like again. Any time I’ve needed a little extra attention, they have ALWAYS done everything in their power to solve the problem. If you want a pharmacy …

Theresa on Google

July 22, 2023

I am constantly astonished by the speed and responsiveness of their service. I always feel supported when I reach out to them.

Lisa M. on Google

July 22, 2023

Very nice people helpful and polite!

Daniel L. on Google

July 22, 2023

My family recently moved to Auburndale and walking distance to Keyes. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and genuinely want to help when you or a loved one isn’t feeling well. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to feel “at home” when they visit a local pharmacy.

Christina G. on Google

July 22, 2023

I went here for diaper rash cream for my daughter. She had a horrible case of it and was so uncomfortable it broke my heart. I purchased some of diaper rash cream they make and when I tell you it’s a miracle! Within one day it had improved significantly and I had tried EVERYTHING. Will never use anything else . Customer service was also wonderful …

Cynthia K. on Google

April 01, 2022

We were very fortunate to be able to use Keyes Drug as the booster clinic for the residents in the building I manage. The residents are older adults and are justifiably concerned about contracting Covid19. the staff from Keyes was incredibly professional, organized and empathetic towards everyone. The clinic went smoothly and ran efficiently. The residents were so pleased by the outstanding service provided that …

Julia C. on Google

March 28, 2022

Ray and his pharmacy team were incredible partners for us. We ran a COVID-19 booster clinic in the fall of 2021 and he successfully vaccinated over 600 older adults in independent living facilities across 5 campuses. His team was kind, efficient, and had experience with our population so it was a great experience for adults who attended. Thank you, Keyes Drug!

Denise H. of Google

March 25, 2022

2Life Brighton Campus serves 938 Seniors and during our covid process of keeping our diverse residents protected and safe, Keyes Pharmacy came in and provided our clinic. The staff and pharmacists were efficient, kind, patient, organized, and committed to educating our seniors on their need for vaccination and boosters. The ran the clinic with the most professional and responsible practices. Our staff were deeply grateful …

Sloane G. on Google

December 30, 2021

My family and I are so appreciative to have this independent pharmacy in our neighborhood. The staff are always friendly and professional. They’ve been essential during the pandemic-especially providing flu and Covid vaccines.