Beth Gardner, MS,LE

Beth Gardner, MS,LE is a Certified Lifestyle Educator and the Director of Health and Wellness at Acton Pharmacy, Keyes Drug and West Concord Pharmacy. For more than a decade, Beth has empowered people to make healthier lifestyle choices by collaborating with professionals in the field. She has extensive experience in assisting patients with illness prevention through nutrition, diet, and exercise; the use of diagnostic techniques; lifestyle education; and stress management approaches. Beth is very knowledgeable about vitamins, minerals, and nutraceuticals, and she is available for vitamin, supplement, and nutritional consultations. She is also a Certified Stocking Fitter.

Beth works with patients to create ways to improve diet and overall health as a means for disease and illness prevention. Working with the patient on a one-on-one basis, she builds a plan to a healthier lifestyle and then follows-up with the patient to measure progress toward the health goals established in the plan. Beth meets with patients at all three pharmacies and her schedule is flexible. Please contact her at to set up your personalized consultation.

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